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Mass Shootings Ring Dangerous Bells In Chicago!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 May 2023 12:55 PM GMT
Mass Shootings Ring Dangerous Bells In Chicago!
Memorial Day has a big significance in the United States as it is celebrated to mourn the death of military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the nation between the 18th and 19th centuries. The last Monday of May month is celebrated every year. But the Memorial Day weekend turned disaster.

The Chicago City saw horrific scenes as mass shootings rocked the city. In different incidents, as many as 41 people were shot and nine people breathed their last. A few teenagers were also injured in the different incidents that are reported in the city.

The local media quoted a few officers from the Chicago Police Department as saying that the victims are from different age groups. While the reasons behind the mass shootings are yet to be confirmed, it is said that the shootings are random gun firings.

It is said that the first shooting was reported from the 500-block of West Surf Street in Chicago where a man was killed. Later similar incidents were reported in the city. The incidents caused fear among the locals as the victims were from different age groups and were rushed to the hospitals for treatment.

The random shootings rang danger bells in the city. People who are on the roads were shot leaving some of them injured and some dead. The condition of some of the victims is said to be critical and the count of dead victims would increase. People at the beach, road, sidewalk, and other places were hit. Those who were on the roads ran in fear.

The investigation is underway and further details are awaited. Professional investigators were also roped in to help probe the case at the earliest. The random gun-firing incidents added fuel to the debate on the importance of reducing gun culture in the country.

The mass shootings happened in Chicago city which is already regarded as one of the most dangerous cities as far as the crime rate is concerned. As per the stats, Chicago is 67 percent more dangerous than other cities as the crime rate is 3,926 per 100,000 people which is quite high.