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Monkeypox Virus Fear Keeps Indian Government On Alert Mode!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Aug 2022 8:03 AM GMT
Monkeypox Virus Fear Keeps Indian Government On Alert Mode!
The monkeypox virus is ringing dangerous bells across the globe. Many nations are struggling to fight the virus. Compared to other nations, Europe and United States are under severe heat as the virus is creating havoc there. More and more cases are being reported. The virus is feared by everyone as the global body World Health Organization (WHO) stepped in and warned other nations to be cautious.

The virus which is creating havoc has entered India. A 22-year-old youth who caught the virus passed away the other day. The authorities of the health department in god's own country Kerala confirmed that the person tested positive for the virus.

Many experts dubbed the death in Kerala the first death of Monkeypox in India. The development has raised many fears and concerns about the condition. The Kerala government ordered an inquiry into the issue.

Looking at the developments, the union government decided to not a chance and formed a task force to deal with the Monkeypox cases. In the wake of the global fear of monkeypox, the union government called for a key meeting and the meeting ended up forming the task force.

Compared to other nations, India is not in a problematic situation. As of now, India has four cases of monkeypox, including one in Kerala. The national capital Delhi also reported a case of Monkeypox, the infected people are under treatment for their infection.

If we drew a comparison between India and other countries, we are in a far better condition as far as the monkeypox situation is concerned. But we cannot take the virus for granted. We already faced a big blow with Covid with the same negligence.

When the Covid cases were reported in fewer numbers, there was no awareness of this and we knew what happened next. Starting from hundreds, India reported thousands and lakhs of cases daily. In the first and second waves, India saw a flood of fresh cases triggered by the novel Coronavirus.

With the Covid outbreak, the health sector in the country was hit really hard and we are slowly recovering from the disaster. Proving no relief, another virus entered India. Looks like, the Indian government learned a big lesson with Covid and doesn't want to repeat the Covid scenes.