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Murder-Accused MLC Welcomed By Followers With Chants And Flowers!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   15 Dec 2022 1:14 PM GMT
Murder-Accused MLC Welcomed By Followers With Chants And Flowers!
It is known that the Murder accused MLC Anantha Babu was released on a bail. The MLC from Andhra Pradesh was granted bail by the Supreme Court of India. Given the nature of the case, Anantha Babu getting bail was a surprise for many. His bail was earlier canceled by the High Court and the trial court.

More than his bail, the welcome he received became a sensation. His followers gave him a welcome as if he is a freedom fighter. His welcome was so big that flower petals were thrown at him and he was garlanded by his followers.

Earlier, freedom fighters used to get such a grand welcome as people tell them that they have done a great thing and they need appreciation for that. The culture got extended and politicians started getting such a welcome.

Now an MLC who was arrested and spent over 200 days in jail was welcomed as if he has done a very good thing. Slogans were also raised in his name. People were shocked to see that an MLC was given a hero welcome.

Anantha Babu was arrested on the allegations of killing his former driver who is a Dalit man. It is said that due to old issues Anantha Babu killed his driver. The issue became a sensation and many protests were held in the state. After all of that, the MLC was arrested amid a lot of criticism.