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Narendra Modi taking T- issue as advantage?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 Feb 2014 4:13 AM GMT
Narendra Modi taking T- issue as advantage?
Narendra Modi is now taking the T- issue as an advantage to throw Congress out of power. He is challenging Sonia to enter Andhra Pradesh at this instant. This means that Modi identified that this region is no more in control of Congress.

Hence, BJP may take over the state if it plays well. Looks like, this kind of meaning is being reflected in the words of Modi. If this turns true, we can say that BJP will stop the T-separation process at the parliament. Adding to this, sources are saying that YSRC leader Jagan and TDP leader Chandra Babu Naidu are in talks with BJP senior leaders to stop T-Bill.

Few analysts are feeling that few top level businessmen were involved in this process. Reliance, shell and several big shot companies have few lakh crores worth businesses in Seemandhra. If T-Bill turns out to be a hit in the parliament, we can expect huge reaction from Seemadhra and this will directly affect the business of these giants. Hence, this kind of pressure too may fall on Congress government. Looks like, Congress is now in the most critical stage with respect to T-Bill. BJP has the chance to take advantage of this situation.