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Nellore Politics: Former Minister Hints At Feud with Minister!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 April 2022 8:37 AM GMT
Nellore Politics: Former Minister Hints At Feud with Minister!
Alleged internal issues and group fights between leaders are not new in the Nellore district and we have been hearing about the same for quite some time. Such reports only got momentum when the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet 2.0 was announced. The Cabinet announcement had only added fuel to the issues between the leaders.

It is often said that Anil Kumar Yadav, who served as the Irrigation Minister in the previous Cabinet, and Kakani Govardhan Reddy had issues and the two leaders are having internal disputes. When Anil Kumar Yadav was a Cabinet Minister, Kakani reportedly stayed out of many activities.

After Kakani was made the Cabinet Minister, Anil Kumar Yadav did not attend the oath-taking ceremony of the new Cabinet Ministers. It is believed that Anil was not happy that he was not retained in the Cabinet and with his opponent from the Nellore district getting a Cabinet post he chose to be absent from the ceremony.

Adding fuel to that, Anil Kumar Yadav had sent an indirect warning to Kakani. Though he did not take any names, everyone is having an impression that his comments were aimed at Kakani. He said that he will not forget the support and love he received and it's time to pay it back.

Political experts say that Anil Kumar Yadav was talking about the issues he had with Kakani when he was the irrigation Minister and he did not forget what happened. With Kakani becoming Cabinet Minister, he will show what it feels like not getting support from the other leaders in the region.

Speaking to the media, Anil Kumar Yadav alleged that he was not invited to the oath-taking ceremony and if he would have been invited then he would have been present at the occasion. Now his comments raise a new doubt that the issues between them do not dilute.

This is not a good sign for the party. Leaders within the party openly fighting will not send a good message to the cadre as the cadre will be divided into two groups, based on the leader they support. This will in turn leave a toll on the party's strength.