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NFHS-5 Survey Tells How Far Husbands go for Sex!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 May 2022 7:18 AM GMT
NFHS-5 Survey Tells How Far Husbands go for Sex!
The Indian society has been a Patriarchal one and women are not given that importance. Men often dictate terms to women and expect them to follow the guidelines. But things are changing now and women are raising their voices for their rights and standing tall to take on the oppressors.

Even married women are now able to say no to sexual intercourse with husbands when they are not in the mood to have sex. The recent National Family Health Survey 5 (NFHS-5) said that more than 80 percent of women can say this to their partners.

As the women who say no to sexual intercourse are educated people and hold good positions as employees and employers, they know that rights better and can fight for the same. The women know that both husband and wife are important in marriage and no one is superior to no one, they follow their rights.

According to the survey, around 18 percent of women cannot say no to sexual intercourse with husbands due to various reasons. In the survey, the women shed light on how their husbands would behave or react when they say no to intercourse.

20 percent of the respondents of the survey said that their husbands would get angry when they hear no to sex from their partners. On the other hand, 13 percent of women said, their husbands will stop giving them money when they reject sex and even have sex forcefully.

The respondents said that husbands will force their wives upon them and make them have sex with them. Even if the wives don't want to have sex due to tiredness or some other reason, 13 percent of husbands want to have sex with partners whenever they want.

Generally, this comes under marital rape. But the marital rape is making courts give different verdicts. Though the marital rape clause aims at the bigger cause of saving wives from having forceful sex with husbands without their consent, there is also criticism for the clause that wives often use it as a weapon against their Husbands when they end up having an argument or fight.