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No Matter What, Indians are Not Giving up American Dreams!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 July 2022 10:26 AM GMT
No Matter What, Indians are Not Giving up American Dreams!
Films are often based on real incidents and issues. But sometimes the dialogues used in films can be fitted in real life as well. Popular dialogue of tall hero Amitabh Bachchan "kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta" is a classic example. This dialogue is very opting for the Indians.

It is known that many Indians have eyes on the land of opportunities, the United States. From students to employees to people with big dreams, everyone wants to land in America to have a better and bright future there.

The love for America for Indians is to a level that, Indians form the biggest community in the United States that migrates there. Compared to other ethnic groups, Indians land in America in big numbers. There are a few regions that have Indian population in good numbers.

It is known that gun violence has reached a burning point in the superpower nation and there are many fears and concerns about the safety of people living in the country. However, the number of applicants who apply for American visas is not coming down and getting increased instead.

It is taking a very long period for the visa process and the Joe Biden administration increasing the cap on visa limit also could not bring down the waiting period and the time that takes to get the visa application get cleared.

Forget about Indians filing new applications to get the visas, even the Indian-Americans living there are also in no mood to come back to India, where they belong to.

There is a struggle for existence everywhere. No matter India or America or any place in the world, people have to work hard.

But to get money as salary, they have to sacrifice family time so that they can protect them.

Coming to America, the money people earn there is big and if anyone has to have a good future, then they have to leave their fears about the attacks and getting killed there.

Though robbers attack those who won't listen to them irrespective of their identities, the Asians are the community that is attacked more often. Despite all this, Indians are not leaving the American dream.