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Now Its Google's Parent Company's Turn To Remove Workforce?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Nov 2022 8:14 AM GMT
Now Its Googles Parent Companys Turn To Remove Workforce?
The fever of possible global recession has already gripped the major IT giants as the layoff season is going on. The season was started by Technology company Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and taken forward by the likes of e-commerce giant Amazon.

Microblogging site Twitter also joined the row with Elon Musk laying off employees. The exercise started with removing CEO Parag Agarwal and the contract employees are in danger of losing their jobs. Now another major tech giant is getting ready to lay off employees. The exercise for the same has already started reportedly.

As per the news that is doing rounds, the Parent Company of the Search Engine Google, Alphabet is on the path of removing the employees. The concerned managers were reportedly asked to zero in on the employees who are not performing well so that they can be given pink slips.

Close to 10,000 employees might be removed who are not performing well as wanted by the administration. The performance of the employees would be evaluated based on their skills and efficiency. Those who fall under the poor category would be sacked. Around 6 percent of employees might be removed.

The major tech giants are on a spree of removing the workforce making the fittest stay in their jobs. Only the skillful would be retained if they upgrade themselves with the new skills.

Tech giants are not hiring new employees and the existing employees are being sacked citing various reasons. The employees must upgrade themselves with new skills to take up the next challenges. Those who are not ready to do that and are performing poorly are being sacked.

It is also said that Alphabet is reportedly giving a grace period to the employees so that they can get some time to get other jobs. Moreover, the Parent company of Google is reportedly focusing on new projects, and employees who can fit into this might be retained.

Earlier a few Tech companies sacked their employees for producing fake experience certificates, while a few other companies removed the employees for indulging in moonlighting policy despite warnings from the employers.

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