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Only 10 RTC Employees Listen To KCR

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Nov 2019 10:29 AM GMT
Only 10 RTC Employees Listen To KCR
KCR may be raving and ranting. He may be threatening and warning. He may even be feeling the adrenaline rush post the stunningly huge margin with which the TRS candidate won from the Congress citadel of Huzurnagar. But, not many RTC employees seem to be willing to obey his commands.

The other day, he gave an offer to the RTC employees at the press conference. He said those who were willing to join the duties and abandon the strike would be welcome. They would be taken back. But, they should give an undertaking that they would not participate in the union activities. Despite the aggression and the air of finality in his tone, there seems to be few takers for the offers. Only ten employees have accepted the offer. A couple of drivers, conductors, record assistants and one assistant manager from Hyderabad have accepted the offer. This is a huge disappointment for the TRS and its boss KCR who expected that the employees would flock in drones and grab the offer.

Despite the strike getting continuing for nearly a month, there do not seem to be many desertions. This is indeed a shocker for the government, which thought that the strike would dissipate once it crosses 30 days. RTC unions claimed that only a minuscule section of the 49000 strong workforce have taken the KCR bait. Meanwhile TRS leaders are getting increasingly worried at the possible fallout of the RTC stir on the urban civic body elections.