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Pawan Kalyan Is Unwittingly Helping YCP Or Distancing From BJP!?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   16 Feb 2020 7:54 AM GMT
Pawan Kalyan Is Unwittingly Helping YCP Or Distancing From BJP!?
It is hard to know what is going on with Janasena as Pawan Kalyan doesn't come across as a man with a long term plan of action in motion. Yes, he and his fans claim to have a "great plan", but we never get to witness it.

Being a good person doesn't automatically qualify you for every post in the Government. As an actor, you have to convince a lie and as a politician, you have to convince people.

People connect to characters on screen and people connect to ideologies off the screen. You can Trivikram Srinivas as an example, he is known as Guruji because of his ideology off screen and his movies on screen need not always be great for people to love them.

His occasional greatness in a 2 hour long movie is more praised than say a budding writer's 2 hour labour to get noticed. Once, he was also in that position, but what really made Trivikram a writer above all on his peers, his off screen dignity and words of wisdom that flow from him, when we hear him talk.

Similarly, if Pawan Kalyan, his friend also showcase ideologies to people in a clear cut way or at least give his political friends a clear road map, may be he can be more successful as a politician.

Within a month of shaking hands with BJP, he came out and said that if YCP and BJP will form an alliance, he will distance himself from BJP too. He might be thinking, he is BJP's best option with TDP on a decline.

But TDP has 35 years of history and a dedicated cadre. Does Janasena have that? BJP can tomorrow revive NCBN or ask someone from NTR family to revive TDP, with full support. Will they see same opportunity with JSP and Pawan Kalyan? Especially, when the later seems to be more eccentric than goal oriented?

This move by Pawan Kalyan might be him, trying to say that he is anti-YCP or the word Congress, in any form. But does that push BJP to a more stable looking Jagan as long-term partner as NCBN is a not friend, today?

Well, experts feel that will be the case for BJP as they want to strengthen their position in all states for 2024 elections as only Narendra Modi image cannot save them all the time. At this point of time, Pawan Kalyan should look to be the only go-to guy for BJP as a long term investment but he just seems to be in a rush to give a statement and then think about it. That doesn't come off as an impressive visionary leadership quality at least to old-timers in BJP.

Pawan Kalyan might want to revolutionise everything but long term revolution starts with blessings of everyone even the "old-timers" encouraging it, doesn't it? Think and tell us!