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Prabhas Bahubali based on Kurukshetra

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   15 Jun 2013 10:58 AM GMT
Prabhas Bahubali based on Kurukshetra
The latest reports about Prabhas's period film 'Bahubali' are prompting the movie lovers to expect action episodes on par with the Hollywood films like 'Troy', '300' and 'Gladiator'.

Reliable sources confirm, the storyline and the war sequences of Bahubali have been designed based on the Kurukshetra war of epic Mahabharata, which is a dynasty succession exercise between two groups of cousins for the throne of Hastinapura. It is being said as many as 18 Akshauhinis will be used for the movie.

As per the Mahabharata, an Akshauhini was an ancient battle formation that consists of 21,870 chariots; 21,870 elephants; 65,610 cavalry (soldiers fighting on horse back) and 109,350 infantry (solders fighting on foot). It's almost impossible to shoot scenes with 18 Akshauhinis, So Rajamouli might be taking the help of visual effects for these war-field episodes.

Bahubali will go on floors in July this year and the entire shooting would be wrapped up by the end of 2014. Rajamouli is making sure every rupee of Rs 100 crore that would be spent on the film will appear on the screen. That's the major reason for several months of pre-production work!