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Prashant Kishor Behaving like a Politician Already?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Jun 2022 6:27 AM GMT
Prashant Kishor Behaving like a Politician Already?
Prashant Kishor is a successful political strategist who took many parties to the winning line. After working with the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) for a few elections, Prashant Kishor locked horns with the saffron party and started working with parties that are against the BJP. Later, he started his journey with the grand old party Congress.

At one point, things went so smoothly that Prashant Kishor was supposed to join the party and run the polls. However, he changed his mind and said that he cannot work with the party. Sounding like a diplomat, he said that the Congress party needs a strong leader and it doesn’t need him.

After parting ways with Congress, Prashant Kishor decided to embark on a crucial journey of meeting the public in his home state Bihar with the Jan Suraaj campaign. Ahead of the campaign, Prashant Kishor made sensational comments on the grand old party and came down severely on the party.

Saying that he will never work with the Congress, Prashant Kishor came down severely on the party and alleged that his winning streak as a political strategist was broken by the party and no one can save the party from the current situation it is dealing with.

Indirectly taking a dig at Gandhi's family members, who are leading the party now, Prashant Kishor said that the leadership of Congress is not good and the bosses are in a state where whoever works with them will go down.

Now everyone has one question for Prashant Kishor. Didn’t he know this when he was with the Congress and traveled with the party? Why did he think of joining the party despite knowing the fact that the leadership is not good and it will drown everyone who travels with it?

If things would have gone as per plans, Prashant Kishor would have joined the grand old Congress party and would have tried his luck in the polls. With things turning bitter between Congress and Prashant Kishor, the latter decided to not join the party and work with it. Politicians take a side that benefits them. Looks like Prashant Kishor is behaving like a politician even before running the polls.