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Agnipath Row: Protests Hit Secunderabad after Bihar and UP!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Jun 2022 5:42 AM GMT
Agnipath Row: Protests Hit Secunderabad after Bihar and UP!
Looks like the time of announcing the Agnipath military recruitment scheme was not good. Since its announcement, there are a lot of doubts about it and the military aspirants are of the opinion that their recruitment chances might get hindered. To show their unhappiness youths in various states are hitting the roads to protest against the newly announced scheme.

For the past three days, the country has been seeing violent protests. The other day, the angry protestors went on a rampage and created havoc in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Train coaches were burnt and the cops had to use tear gas to clear the protestors.

Now the Agnipath protests hit Telangana as the protestors created a ruckus at the Secunderabad Railway station. Creating issues for the train, the tracks were set on fire while a few train coaches were also set on fire by the angry mob.

Just like in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the angry protestors barged into the railway station in Secunderabad and vandalized the station by setting a few coaches ablaze. Before vandalizing the railway station, the protestors attacked a few vehicles that came their way outside the railway station.

The videos shown by the news agency ANI show the angry protestors entering the Railway station and setting a train ablaze. A few protestors threw petrol onto the train leaving it in flames. Besides this, stones were pelted at the trains at the station.

To stop the trains from functioning, the protestors set the tracks on fire and the place was filled with thick fire making it tough for the passengers to take a breath. The cops rushed to the spot and the passengers were shifted to keep them safe from the protests.

To clear the angry mob, the cops who reached the spot reportedly fired at them leaving a few injured. Seeing this, the angry protestors are fleeing the place in fear of getting injured.

The Union government of India recently announced the Agnipath Yojana to take the youngsters into the three uniform services. The scheme aims at providing opportunities for the youth to join the forces. The aspirants should be between 17.5 to 21 years.