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Putin Backs His War Decision, Cites World War II Example!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 May 2022 11:48 AM GMT
Putin Backs His War Decision, Cites World War II Example!
During our schooling, many of us have heard and taught about the two world wars and how the wars left a heavy toll on the nations with deaths and injuries of the soldiers. As a slight representation of what we heard, the superpower nation Russia is creating havoc in Ukraine. Though Ukrainian forces are showing some strong resistance, Ukraine is the real loser here.

Russia is very strong on its decision that no matter how many nations and appealing it to change its behavior, Russia is leaving a deaf ear. The Russian forces are turning intense and fierce. A school was destroyed in Ukraine leaving many dead.

In the wake of the ongoing disaster, Russian President Vladimir Putin had backed his decision and balmed the west in this episode. He had alleged that the West is into invading the Russian land and with no option left he is doing this.

As today marks Victory Day, which is celebrated to honor the Russian war heroes for the victory against the Soviet Union's Nazi Army, special arrangements were made. President Putin addressed the gathering and said that the West is trying to invade Russia and he is forced to take timely action.

Not just that, Putin even compared the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine to World War II. Alleging that potential aggression is being planned, Putin dubbed the ongoing war as a timely action to counter the war.

After Russia announced a war against Ukraine, a few locals are said to be against this move and asked what was the need to start a war even though things are not going well between Russia and Ukraine for a few decades. To get support from the countrymen, Putin might have stressed the World War II and Nazi Army examples to tickle the countrymen.