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Reduction of cost of living in Hyderabad?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 July 2013 7:16 AM GMT
Reduction of cost of living in Hyderabad?
Compared to all the South Indian metros, Hyderabad is considered as the cheapest one in case of ‘Cost of Living’. Several big shot companies are establishing their headquarters in Hyderabad considering this aspect. They can provide the best in the cheapest possible way to their employees and obviously, they are getting the best set of crew for their teams.

Now the cost of living in Hyderabad is going to be reduced further. Situations are focusing a fact that Hyderabad is going to be seen as a union territory in India. It seems that the Congress high command is moving the pawns to announce Hyderabad as union territory and joint capital for both Telengana and Seemandhra.

If this happens, the costs in Hyderabad will reduce further. As a union territory, Hyderabad will enjoy exemptions in taxes. The petrol and natural gas rates too will get decreased. MNC companies will get more profited with this aspect and the business will reach the top position in this region. Hyderabad can be seen as the IT and Electronics leader in entire India.