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Revanth vs seniors: How veterans scored self-goals?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   23 Dec 2022 6:46 AM GMT
Revanth vs seniors: How veterans scored self-goals?
Finally, Revanth Reddy emerged victorious in his fight with the seniors in Telangana. The seniors, who were upset with his working style, have finally decided that the real villain of the piece is PCC affairs incharge Manickam Tagore. They wanted him to be removed immediately as he is playing favourites.

Thus, the issue of Revanth vs seniors got completely deflected. The seniors, who were upset with Revanth Reddy, did not want his removal from the PCC chief's post. They did not press for this. Instead, they argued that Manickam Tagore was ignoring the seniors and was blindly supporting Revanth Reddy. They strongly rooted for removing him from the post.

So, the end result of two days of Diggie Raja's hectic parlaying has achieved nothing. Digvijay Singh, who gave a patient hearing to all the seniors, did not commit anything. He is likely to brief the party's top leadership about the situation in Telangana. But, it appears highly unlikely that Revanth Reddy would be replaced immediately.

Also,, the seniors appear to have scored a self-goal by targeting Manickam Tagore. After all, Tagore is an appointee of the Congress high command. In fact, he is only doing the bidding of the high command and the high command is strongly in favour of Revanth Reddy. So, the seniors not only failed to dislodge Revanth, but also antagonized the high command by questioning its decision. Thus, they ended up losing in both the games.