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Rise in burglary in New Jersey: FBI Issues Guidelines for Indians

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 Jun 2022 6:07 AM GMT
Rise in burglary in New Jersey: FBI Issues Guidelines for Indians
The land of opportunities America sees Asians migrating to the nation that too in big numbers. The official data shared by the concerned departments say that more than 4.1 million immigrants from the Asian nations are living in the United States as of 2019 and the numbers might have gone up in these two years.

Asians are not only the biggest migrating community in the United States, but they are also the highest targeted ethnic group in the country. Recently, we heard the news of two Indian families falling prey to thieves. The trend of targeting Indians in America is on a rise.

While a jewelry store owned by an Indian family was robbed, a family barely escaped from a robbery, thanks to the instinct of the wife who honked car horn altering the neighbors.

Compared to the other states, the northeastern U.S. state New Jersey has a good number of Indians living there. As a result, the thieves are closely monitoring the timings of the desis and planning the attacks. Most of the time, the thieves manage to execute the robbery.

Indian families who are in a good position by earning big amounts are not showing interest in saving the money and valuables in the banks reportedly. They stock up the money and valuables creating space for the robbers to target them.

As the houses in the United States stay close to each other, it will be easy for the robbers to barge into the selected house. We have seen this when an Indian father-son was kept hostage at the gunpoint. After cutting the fence of the neighboring house, a bunch of robbers entered the house and held them hostage.

Amid this, the Law enforcement agency in the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) issued a set of guidelines to the Indians living in the New Jersey state. Asking them to keep the money and valuables in banks and use updated security measures, the FBI urged them to be cautious. It appears like the Indians living in the New Jersey state are indirectly inviting the thieves to attack them