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Russia Planning Disaster For Ukraine By Targeting Power Grids?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Oct 2022 6:47 AM GMT
Russia Planning Disaster For Ukraine By Targeting Power Grids?
It's been over half a year since the superpower nation Russia waged a war against Ukraine. Gradually, the fear of Ukraine has now turned into a fear of the world with reports climbing that Russia is thinking of using nuclear bombs on Ukraine to settle things at once.

Keeping the fear aside, Russia is not taking a back step in the war. It is even going aggressively on Ukraine by intensifying its efforts. We have to admit the fighting spirit of Ukraine. When the war started everyone felt that Ukraine will fall before the superpower nation. But Ukraine is fighting hard and even forced Russia into a defensive mode.

Not happy with Ukraine's aggressive nature, Russia tok a deadly decision to take on the power grids. Of late the Russian forces are targeting the power stations and already destroyed a few of them pushing a part of Ukraine into a power crisis.

In extreme heat and cold conditions, power is crucial to help people tackle the conditions. Like how power is essential for people during summer it is crucial in the winter season too. Winter season is fast approaching and people would face severe issues if there is a power crisis.

Having understood this, Russia planned deadly drone attacks on the power stations. A bunch of power stations in Ukraine were destroyed which is a big concern. The power facilities in Kyiv and other urban centres were partially damaged causing severe troubles.

Reports say that more than 1,000illages are facing issues with a power cut and delay in water supply due to the attacks on the power stations. Experts say that around one-third of power stations were damaged in Russia's deadly drone attacks.

As per the official data, around 30 percent of power stations in Ukraine were damaged in the drone attacks in the past few days. On top of this, missile attacks were done on Kyiv and Kharkiv. Three victims have breathed their last in the missile attacks.

If the power sector in the European nation Ukraine is hit by Russia it would be a disaster for the nation and it would be almost game over. Russia is planning this.