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Russia's Putin's Convoy Attacked, He Escapes Unhurt!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   15 Sep 2022 4:06 PM GMT
Russias Putins Convoy Attacked, He Escapes Unhurt!
Serving Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the bad books of many with his decision to wage a war on Ukraine. Many nations, including the United States tried to make him stop the ongoing war. No matter what, Putin did not stop the war and after the requests from other nations, Putin intensified his efforts.

Now it is said that Putin was reportedly attacked and he survived the attack. The international media said that Putin's vehicle was attacked and he survived the assassination attempt. The President did not sustain even a small injury as per the reports.

Going by the information shared by the international media, the left front wheel of the vehicle carrying Putin was hit. An ambulance reportedly appeared out of nowhere and stopped the convoy. Putin's car vehicle did not panic and took him to a safe place.

Another convoy reached the spot and took him to his place. It is said that when the car wheel was hit there was smoke all over the place. Security made sure that Putin won't step out of the car. The car wheel getting hit and the ambulance appearing all of a sudden added fuel to the opinion of possible attack attemp.

It is said that the incident happened on the way to Putin's residence. The administration took serious note of it and arrested a few security officers. The investigation is underway and further details are awaited.

It is known that going to war brought a negative image for Putin in Russia itself. Many groups opposed Putin's idea and held protests. The investigation is reportedly going from this angle.

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