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Sankranti Season Brings Massive Income For AP Excise Department!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   16 Jan 2023 12:12 PM GMT
Sankranti Season Brings Massive Income For AP Excise Department!
Sankranti is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. Talking about Andhra Pradesh in particular, sons-in-law are invited by the in-laws and are treated to delicious food. On top of this Kodi Pandalu are also held in the state. Crores of rupees would go into the business.

The liquor sales are no less. A majority of the population in Telangana are from Andhra Pradesh and they go back to their native places for the festivals. This happened during the recent Sankranti festival as well. This made the liquor sales go up and crores of rupees were earned.

As per the media reports the liquor sales crossed the massive Rs 200 crores for the Sankranti season. This is very high as Telangana sees such a big amount in liquor sales. It took just three days for Andhra Pradesh to see massive sales of liquor.

In a few parts, Mukkanuma is also celebrated which falls today and the Sankranti season might go down as the highest earning season for the excise department. Liquor gets flown like water during Kodi Pandalu and this might happen today as well.

Non-veg consumption sees big heights for Kanuma and Mukkanuma festivals and alcohol goes well with non-veg. So liquor sales might see good numbers today too and the Sankranti season would end up as the best season for the excise department.

The irony is that the YCP government came to power with a promise of banning alcohol in the state. Forget about the liquor ban the state is seeing massive business in liquor sales.