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Shocking Similarities In Deaths Of Russian President's Critics!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Dec 2022 10:25 AM GMT
Shocking Similarities In Deaths Of Russian Presidents Critics!
When we talk about the dictator's rule, the Dragon Country China comes to our minds. The way the nation deals with the media and people who raise their voices against the ruling party adds fuel to the opinion. We have seen this many times and it is no wonder that the world sees China as an example of dictator rule.

But the superpower nation Russia which waged a war against the European nation Ukraine is no less than China when it comes to dictator rule. After the war started many voices were raised within the nation. Many rich people condemned the decision taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A few days back Pavel Anton, a Billionaire who is famous for his image of anti-Putin passed away at a hotel in Odisha. The Business Tycoon who entered the Forbes top 100 Richest Persons in 2018 passing away under doubtful circumstances raised many eyeballs.

Shockingly, the death of Pavel Antov came days after a popular lawmaker from Russia Vladimir Budanov, 61, died in the same hotel. A group of people went to Odisha a few days back and two of them passed away in doubtful circumstances.

While people are talking about the shucking deaths of two people who raised their voices against Putin, the President of Russia, a popular political scientist, and author from America Ian Bremmer shared data on the recent deaths.

Though many people passed away over the past two years, the deaths recorded this year raised many eyeballs. As many as 12 people died this year starting from February and all the deaths are suspicious deaths. The victims were either found dead with guns and they have wounds that might have caused the death.

In some cases, the victims passed away along with their family members. Russian oligarch Vladislav Avayev was found dead along with his wife and daughter who is just 13 years old in April this year. He is one of the 12 oligarchs who passed away this year. When nations that are against Russia are talking about the deaths of Putin's critics two more deaths happened last week.