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Sikh Family Death In US: Suspect Says Not Guilty!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 Oct 2022 6:30 AM GMT
Sikh Family Death In US: Suspect Says Not Guilty!
In an unfortunate trend, the attacks on Indians living in the United States have been increasing rapidly. Despite Indian origin Kamala Harris holding the Vice-President post the attacks are not stopping. At regular intervals, we hear stories about such attacks. A Sikh family was recently held hostage and killed brutally in California.

The case came to light when a farm worker spotted the dead bodies of a small baby and three adults. Jesus Salgado, the main accused in the incident of the gruesome killing was produced before the court and he reportedly pleaded not guilty

The Merced County Superior court is hearing the case and he was placed before the court. During the hearing, the accused reportedly said he is not guilty in the case as per the local media. His counsel refused to speak on this when the media tried to quiz details about this. The accused is expected to be present before the court during the next hearing.

It is a big shock that the accused who is believed to have kidnapped and killed the family including a small baby brutally said he is not guilty. With the initial investigation pointing fingers at him, the cops arrested him and he is charged with multiple crimes.

The crimes include murder and possession of firearms. Given the seriousness of the crimes, he might not get a chance to come out of prison for the rest of his life, and the chances of him getting bail are also very thin.

However, the family members of the deceased victims are hoping that the case gets cracked and the guilty will be slapped with the strict punishment possible. They are keeping their hopes on the ongoing investigation to see what details the police are gathering in connection with the case.

Tracing back the details of the case, the accused Jesus Salgado is believed to have some issues with the victim's family. He reportedly worked in the trucking business run by the victim's family. Due to some disputes, things reportedly turned problematic between the accused and the victim's family.

The 48-year-old accused is believed to have kidnapped the family and killed later. The bodies were thrown at a farm and a farm worker spotted the bodies and informed the cops.

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