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Taliban Puts Future of Young Girls on Bleak!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   24 March 2022 7:23 AM GMT
Taliban Puts Future of Young Girls on Bleak!
When war-torn Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban, the future of the people, mainly the girls as far as their education is concerned, was put in question. Many nations and activities have expressed their concerns fearing that they might be stopped from getting their education. As a development no one would have expected, the Taliban agreed to girls getting educated and even the schools were reopened.

But it took no time for the girls to realize that their happiness is a short-lived one. Making their future a bleak one, the schools were shut and the students were asked to leave and go home.

French private international news agency Agence France-Presse(AFP) News Agency had carried out a sensational story on how the girls were not granted the education. The agency said that, hours after the schools were reopened, they were shut citing an order.

One wonders what made the Taliban make a U-turn on letting girls have the education. Though there is no information, it is said that the internal issues among the leaders and the differences of opinion among them might have resulted in the same.

The happiness of seeing the schools getting reopened did not last long as they were shut hours later. The teachers at the schools informed the students about the decision and asked them to go home.

With Afghanistan going into the iron hands of the Taliban, many activists and experts have expressed their concerns for women and girls. The reason is that women were directed to not step out of the house for jobs. In major fields and sectors, they were denied jobs. Though they were allowed to have jobs, they should cover their face. All the hard work they did to complete their education did not pay off.

Coming to girls, they were denied education and the higher education schools were shut. However, there is no clarity on whether the ban is going to be short-lived or it gets implemented like a full-fetched one. The future of the girls is dependent on this.

It didn't take much time for the Taliban troops to capture Afghanistan after the NATO forces were called back. Seeing that there was no force to counter them, the Taliban troops had started their mission to capture the nation. In less than two weeks, the nation fell to the Taliban.v