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TDP Confident of Winning Elections if Jana Sena joins Hands!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 March 2022 5:26 AM GMT
TDP Confident of Winning Elections if Jana Sena joins Hands!
Are former allies Telugu Desam Party and Jana Sena showing interest in coming together to join forces like they did for the 2014 elections? Are leaders from both parties showing interests indirectly? Well, the current developments in this regard hint at the same. Days after Pawan Kalyan said that he is open for an alliance, a Telugu Desam Party leader made similar comments.

Senior Telugu Desam Party leader and Legislator from Palakollu constituency Nimmala Ramanaidu had appeared as a guest in Open Heart With RK show. When asked about the demand for the alliance, the MLA had made some interesting comments.

Talking about the alliance, the Telugu Desam Party legislator said that TDP-Janasena will win 150-160 seats if they come together. However, he also said that even if fought the polls single-handedly, TDP would win 100-110 seats

Having said that, Nimmala Ramanaidu maintained it is too early to talk about the alliance be it Jana Sena or BJP. As far as the alliance is concerned, the parties should fight for the public without thinking of allying, he said.

Joining hands with each other had worked well for TDP and Jana Sena and the caste equations have worked for the alliance resulting in a grand victory. However, both parties decided to part ways and went for the polls as a solo thing, which did not go as planned.

Given the anti-sentiment the government is facing now, TDP supporters and Jana Sena supporters are hoping that the parties would come together for the polls. However, the party chiefs of both parties are dealing with the issue without utmost care.

They are sending fillers to know the impact the alliance would create. At the formation day event, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said that he would form an alliance with any party that would accept the proposal that he should be the CM candidate.

He is already having an alliance with BJP and the party has been saying that Pawan would be the CM candidate. The political analysts see the statements given by Pawan Kalyan as an indirect proposal to TDP that he would take up the CM Post if the alliance wins power. Whether a person who is of the stature of Chandrababu Naidu says yes to the proposal, we have to see.