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Then Hijab, Now Bible Makes Karnataka a Political Pot Yet Again?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 April 2022 8:42 AM GMT
Then Hijab, Now Bible Makes Karnataka a Political Pot Yet Again?
Southern state Karnataka had emerged as a political pot with the Hijab issue. The state saw several protests and the issue is pending with the Supreme Court. Despite the High Court saying that wearing Hijab is not compulsory in Islam. The heat around the issue is still burning and many Muslim students have skipped their exams.

Amid this, another issue had hit the state. After Muslims, the Bible became the reason behind the political heat this time. The proposal put forth by a school in Karnataka did not go well with the Hindu groups and they started a protest against the school.

Going into detail, a school in Karnataka had reportedly asked the parents of the students for their approval to let the students carry Bibles and parents would not say no to this. The letter saying the same went viral on social media platforms.

Many Hindu groups have objected to this and asked how a school can direct the students from other faiths to carry bibles. The groups said that it is nothing but a violation and this should not be allowed at any cost.

The issue had popped up when a few BJP ruled states had kickstarted a political row by saying that lessons from Bhagavad Gita will be introduced in the school portion to provide wholesome education. Many experts and opposition have slammed the BJP on this.

The Right-wing groups and Hindu bides which have welcomed the Gujarat government's move to introduce Gita are now making so much noise and alleging that introducing Bible will violate the Education Act and this has to be dealt with an iron fist.

A few groups took a few steps ahead and raised a demand that parents should not send their kids to missionary schools and that they must send their students to schools that teach Hindu epics and traditions.

In the coming days, we might hear a piece of news about the boycott of missionary schools from Karnataka, as we heard the news that many Hindu groups gave a call for boycotting Halal meat. A few Jhatka stalls have come up in the state.