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This Hottie is so bad at judging people!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   16 Jun 2013 1:30 PM GMT
This Hottie is so bad at judging people!
Sexy siren Tapsee who is going great guns on the career front with project in three Industry isn't good at judging people and ends up paying the price all the time. The actress hasn't been hiding her inability but agrees she has always been in a relationship with wrong people and so they didn't last for longer.

Tapsee explains, although women appear very strong outside they go out of their way to offer abundant love if someone shows a bit of affection towards them. In case of physical abuse, women especially the celebs don't want their plight to be exposed due to the fear of people poking fun at their lives.

Earlier, Tapsee was in a relationship with Tamil actor Mahat Raghavendra (Backbench Student fame). The public brawl between Manchu Manoj and Tapsee at a happening pub few months back is only because of their liking for this hottie. Rumors have been in circulation about the intimacy between Manoj and Tapsee, but none of them have confirmed the reports about their relationship till now.

Tapsee recently claimed she can't see herself wedding anytime soon. May be, she is quite content with her dating life and wants to continue the same lifestyle for few more years.