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Three KCR strategies for winning Huzurabad bypoll

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 July 2021 4:05 AM GMT
Three KCR strategies for winning Huzurabad bypoll
Is KCR planning something very big for the Huzurabad election? It is now becoming increasingly clear that KCR has several plans up his sleeve to win this prestigious contest. He seems to be adopting a three-pronged approach to defeat the BJP. Firstly, he is weaning away key influences like Kaushik Reddy, Peddireddy and Mothkupalli from their parties and is making them join the TRS.

The second strategy is to bring in schemes such as Dalit Bandhu and Sheep Rearing to wean away significant sections of the voters. The Dalit Bandhu is aimed at winning the Dalit voters, while sheep-rearing is aimed at Yadavs and Kurumas in the BC sections. He is planning to bring in similar schemes now.

The third strategy is to ensure that there is a division of anti-Government votes. He wants to bring in new players to cut into the anti-TRS votes. For instance, the field assistants, who want regularization of their services, are threatening to put up 1000 candidates. Assuming that each candidate gets at least 10 votes, this would come to 10000 votes, which is a huge cut into the anti-TRS votes.

Now an organization called Arya Vysya chaitanya Porata Samiti has jumped into the fray. The samiti is claiming that it will put up 500 candidates if the government did not announce the formation of a corporation for the Vysya community and allocate Rs 10000 crore for the corporation. This is being viewed as a ploy on the part of the TRS to divide the vysya votes. Also, by increasing the number of the candidates, there seems to be a plan to go in for paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines.