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Ticket Prices Issue: RGV gives 4 options to AP government

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 Jan 2022 10:20 AM GMT
Ticket Prices Issue: RGV gives 4 options to AP government
Ram Gopal Varma is back to doing what he does best - posting lengthy messages on Twitter. This time around, he has aimed his tweets at the government of Andhra Pradesh. He even opened up about his recent meeting with Andhra Pradesh Cinematography minister Perni Nani. Here is a look at the string of tweets shared by Varma on his official Twitter handle.

"My understanding after my meeting with@Perni_nani garu is that the AP ticket pricing controversy boils down to just these issues as explained in the below tweets. Is the AP government putting a restriction on the sale price of any other privately manufactured product apart from films ? If so we would like to know the products names and their reasons for doing so. How can a Rs 500 cr RRR film and a film costing just Rs 1 cr be forced to sell at the same ticket price ?"

"Can the government's argument that they are not bothered with the cost of the film when deciding the price be applicable to any product made anywhere in the whole world ? The only way pricing can get lower will be due to fierce competition among the manufacturers to give better and better quality at a lesser and lesser price to the consumer and not because of external forces. Government forcing the manufacturers to sell at lower prices will result only in them stopping production or making low quality products In another state tickets being sold for even Rs 2200 and in AP state if even Rs 200 isn't allowed , isn't it in direct violation of article 14 which prohibits discrimination?"

"What possible harm can happen if there's any number of shows put in a day or a night,when Maharashtra already was allowing shows to run 24/7 before the covid crisis came ? One way of increasing both the numbers of people watching films and to reach into even interiors at far lower ticket prices is for the government to encourage innovative present day technologies..Study the below options"


PICTURE TIME in a technology includes a small truck which can move to any part of the country.
In just a few hours they erect an inflatable theatre with all safety regulations intact
..It is already operational in many states in the north"


CARAVAN TALKIES is a movie-on-wheels concept which can be played at villages for India’s rural population situated in interior areas."

NOVA Cinemaz is about setting up movie theatres using pre fabrication technology instead of brick mortar and they can rent vacant plots which will make it considerably less expensive"


To encourage people to convert their available empty spaces like large rooms, garages ,unused godowns etc into mini theatres"

"I also request all the media houses to instigate and provoke an intense and soul searching debate which will be of benefit for all concerned..Thanks" Varma concluded.