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Truth Behind Pic Of People Locking Graves In Pakistan!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 May 2023 1:51 PM GMT
Truth Behind Pic Of People Locking Graves In Pakistan!
Recently a picture took social media by storm and many people circulated it. Not just the common people, but even national media outlets carried out news on the vital pictures. Moreover, the circulated pictures are believed to be from Pakistan and the pictures were circulated largely in India on social media platforms.

The widely circulated picture was dubbed as a picture that was clicked in Pakistan. The picture showed people in Pakistan locking up the graves of their daughters. The reason shocked many as they reportedly locked the graves to save the bodies from rapes as a few incidents happened.

The news grabbed everyone's attention as almost every leading news outlet carried out news on this. A few international media houses also covered the news. Parents in Pakistan locking the graves of their daughters to save their dignity was the title of the story.

But the news took a shocking turn as it was reportedly found that the pictures are not from Pakistan but from Hyderabad. The reason behind locking the graves is also what the reports said earlier. It came as a big surprise for people who read the earlier news.

A few fact checkers reportedly verified the pictures and said that the picture was clicked from Hyderabad at a graveyard and the caretaker of the place locked the graveyard so that people won't resume it. A fact-checking company met the person who is taking care of the graveyard and took his interview.

In the video, the person said that the picture was from a graveyard located in Hyderabad near Madannapet Eidgah. To prevent the reuse of the graves, the caretaker locked them. He locked just one grave and placed a grill over this. The picture from a graveyard in Hyderabad created a sensation as many felt that the picture was clicked from Pakistan.

The graveyard from where the picture was clicked is said to be close to a Masjid in Hyderabad. Seeing that the graves are being reused the caretaker swung into action to prevent them and hence locked them. The episode shows how a piece of false news can be spread easily.