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Unable To See Family Starving, Women See Prostitution As Career!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 July 2022 11:13 AM GMT
Unable To See Family Starving, Women See Prostitution As Career!
Lack of options and the struggle to feed the family force people to go to any extent. The same reasons created a situation where more and more women are stepping into prostitution. The place where they work turned into temporary brothel houses and they are doing the flesh trade to feed the families.

The unfortunate scenes are from crisis-hit Sri Lanka. It is known that the country went bankrupt and all the sectors were hit and the companies and industries were closed with no active business happening. The economy is going on a dangerous path and the prices of commodities are touching the sky.

The local media alleged that the number of women entering prostitution is increasing rapidly and more than 35 percent of the women are into flesh trading as of now and the percentage is expected to go even further up if the crisis in the island nation Sri Lanka deepens.

Though all the sectors are seeing the unwanted trend, the majority of the workers in the textile industry are entering the profession. As the women workers are not getting paid, with the sector getting hit really hard, women are seeing the flesh trade as an alternative career.

It is said that the female workers are reportedly earning more than what they used to earn in the textile industry in a month in just one week in the flesh trade and they are seeing this as their contribution to taking care of their respective families.

The prices are touching the sky and getting the required groceries and medical supplies is also a big battle in the nation given the crisis. Unable to see their families starving, women are forced to come to this profession with no option left.

The other day, the Parliament elected interim President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the President in the crisis situation. Now it is in his hand and we have to see what he has to offer. The people in the nation are pinning high hopes that he can make the magic. Though it is a time taking process, there is nothing much to do except for waiting for the good times to appear.