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Using WHO's Report on Covid Deaths, Rahul Attacks PM Modi!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 May 2022 12:11 PM GMT
Using WHOs Report on Covid Deaths, Rahul Attacks PM Modi!
The BJP-led Union government has been projecting that it was successful in containing the virus spread compared to other nations. The government kept on telling that despite the dense population enjoyed by the country, the infections and casualties were few and it had succeeded in discharging its duties.

Pouring water on the BJP's claims, the global health agency WHO had countered the claims and said that the actual numbers of Covid deaths in the country are quite high. While India is saying that more than five lakh people have died, WHO said that 4.7 million people have died due to Covid.

After the WHO announced its report, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched an attack against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that PM Modi is lying about the deaths. He said that the kin of the victims should be supported with compensation.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi had attached the report issued by the WHO. While sharing it, Rahul Gandhi had accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lying about the Covid deaths. India says 4.8 lakh people died of Covid and WHO says 47 lakh Indians died.

'47 lakh Indians died due to the Covid pandemic. NOT 4.8 lakh as claimed by the Govt. Science doesn't LIE. Modi does. Respect families who've lost loved ones. Support them with the mandated ₹4 lakh compensation,' Rahul Gandhi said in his tweet.