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Variant That Is Leading Covid Spread In China Enters India!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 Dec 2022 1:18 PM GMT
Variant That Is Leading Covid Spread In China Enters India!
The dragon country China is facing the deadly wrath of the Covid outbreak. The cases are piling up daily and the hospitals are unable to accommodate the hospitalisations. As a safety measure, the Chinese administration is aiming to construct new hospitals so that the situation can be controlled.

BF.7, a subvariant of Omicron BA.5 is said to be a driving force of Covid cases rising in China. As a big concern, the same virus made its way to India and the first infection was detected already as per the reports.

As per the reports, an NRI woman who stays in Gujarat tested positive for the BF.7 variant when she was tested following the procedure. The government swung into action and beefed up the measures at the airports so that the situation won't get out of hand.

The Omicron variant of Covid led to a disaster in many nations including India and the western nations, As the new variant is said to be related to the Omicron, the authorities are urging everyone to be cautious.

Looking at the symptoms of the variant they are similar to Omicron. Severe body pains, fever, runny nose, caught and throat pain, hearing issues, chest pain, shivering, and losing the sensation of taste are the symptoms of the variant.

India is heading towards a festival month in a few days and this is not a good thing to hear about. If the required measures are not taken then we might see another flood of fresh Covid cases. Moreover, this is the winter season and the virus spreads faster.