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Hyd Murder Case: Victim's Body Kept In Car Whole Night?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Jun 2023 12:13 PM GMT
Hyd Murder Case: Victims Body Kept In Car Whole Night?
The Hyderabad Police cracked the Saroor Nagar murder case. A priest named Venkata Sai Surya Krishna is dubbed as the suspect in the case. The victim and suspect know each other for some time. The case created a big sensation locally. The murder case came to light when her family filed a missing complaint.

Surya Krishna is also said to have filed a case with the Police that victim Apsara is missing. Initially many thought that she is his daughter-in-law. But her family busted the myth and said that both families have no relations and Surya Krishna used to call Apsara's mother Sister.

Talking about how the victim and suspect met each other. Surya Krishna works as a priest at a temple near Saroor Nagar. Apsara lives close to the temple and she visits the temple regularly. So the two met there and their friendship turned into an extramarital affair. It is said that Apsara is pregnant and demanded marriage from, Surya Krishna.

A few reports say that this is not the first time Apsara became pregnant. Earlier too she is believed to have been pregnant and undergone an abortion. Surya Krishna is said to have asked her to do the same for which Apsara said no. Giving pregnancy as a reason, Apsara demanded marriage.

Surya Krishna is married and has two kids. He came up with an evil plan to kill Apsara. For this, he took her in a car and killed her by hitting her with a stone. Later he threw the dead body into a manhole so that he won't get caught. When the Police started digging deeper into the case we are hearing sensational details.

Media reports are abuzz that Apsara's dead body stayed the whole night in Surya Krishna's car. After killing her, Surya was in a deep shock after realising what had happened. He felt that the body should be disposed of and threw it in a manhole.

On the other hand, a postmortem is expected to be performed today and we will get more information once the reports are out we would get more information on when Apsara was killed and whether she is pregnant or not.