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What are Congress plans for Huzurabad?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 July 2021 3:04 AM GMT
What are Congress plans for Huzurabad?
What are Congress Party's plans for Huzurabad? The constituency is going to witness a fierce battle with Eatala Rajender battling it out against the might of the TRS. The ruling TRS is pulling all stops to ensure that the BJP is trounced in Huzurabad. Amid all these, where does the Congress stand?

With its strongest candidate Kaushik Reddy now in the TRS camp, the Congress Party does not have a proper candidate in Huzurabad. So, the party is thinking in terms of not putting up any candidate in the election. TPCC chief Revanth Reddy has already indicated that the Congress has not won from Huzurabad since 1983. This in effect is a frank admission that the party is not in the fray.

But, there is something very interesting about the Congress comments. They are saying that Eatala might not remain a BJP candidate all through. They are trying to indicate that Eatala might not remain in the BJP even after winning and might join the Congress Party. Now the question is will Eatala do this flip-flop. Sources say that Eatala feels that the BJP alone will be in a position to help him fight the TRS. But, he is not entirely happy with the BJP ideology. As a life-long Leftist backer, Eatala is finding things difficult in the BJP. He fees that he has to make a lot of adjustments to remain in the BJP.

If sources are to be believed, a section of the Congress leaders are already in touch with Eatala and want him to come into the Congress after winning the bypoll. This will not attract the provisions of the anti-defection law as the BJP has just two MLAs and Eatala would be the third. Even if he defects, it would not attract any provision of the anti-defection law. So, the Congress feels he can be lured into the party after he wins on a BJP ticket.

What will happen in Huzurabad? Will Eatala play into the Congress hands? Or will the Congress shift its votes to the TRS and ensure a BJP defeat? Let's wait and see how things unfold.