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Why BRS has stopped criticising BJP on Delhi wrestlers issue?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Jun 2023 11:40 AM GMT
Why BRS has stopped criticising BJP on Delhi wrestlers issue?
The ruling BRS has found itself in a piquant position over the Delhi wrestlers'sexual harassment issue. The BRS has made the women wrestlers' protest in Delhi a potent weapon to attack the BJP. It wanted to use the issue to paint the BJP as anti-women. But, it has now found itself in a difficult position after its own MLA is in the dock for the same reason.

Both KTR and Kavitha Kalwakuntla had attacked the BJP on this issue and termed the party anti-male. They dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak on the issue of the wrestlers' protest . However, to their disappointment, they have found that their own MLA Durgam China Mallaiah is now embroiled in a similar controversy.

Shejal, MD of Origin Dairy has leveled allegations of sexual harassment against MLA Durgam China Mallaiah. She petitioned several authorities but to no avail. Unable to bear it anymore, she even attempted to commit suicide in New Delhi. This is her second attempt to kill self. The BRS is maintaining total silence on the issue. It has neither backed nor slammed its own MLA, but did not show any sympathy to the alleged victim.

Now, it is on the defensive on the issue of women wrestlers. It can no longer criticize BJP MP Brijbhushan Sharan Singh on the issue. It cannot slam him while backing its own MLA who is embroiled in a similar allegation. The only saving grace for the BRS is that the BJP is not attacking it as it has dirt behind its ears in the form of wrestlers' issue.