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Why is Harish Rao angry with MLAs from Rangareddy district?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 March 2021 5:55 AM GMT
Why is Harish Rao angry with MLAs from Rangareddy district?
Are the TRS leaders and MLAs putting up only a token fight in the Graduate Constituency MLC elections? Are they limiting themselves to mere photo-ops and are not getting involved in the ground work? This is what TRS top brass has found out through its own mechanism.

In Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar, the TRS leaders are said to be limiting themselves to sending photographs of their campaigning to the party incharges. Beyond this, they are not going to the grassroots level. The leaders are also said to be keeping away from the campaign for fear of being taken to task by the voters, who are angry and upset with the ruling party. The top brass has also realized that the leaders are engaged in group fights and all the leaders are not putting up a united fight.

Realising this, Harish Rao is said to be organizing tele conferences with the party cadres at the village and mandal level to motivate them to work. It is also revealed that the TRS MLAs are not involved in the campaign for the MLC constituency in Kodangal, Kothur, Shadnagar, Chevella and Tandur. None of these MLAs are going into the field, it was revealed. Harish Rao is said to have given the MLAs an earful and has directed them to focus on the campaign at least for the coming two days.