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Why is KCR talking about Bodhan Incident, Kashmir Files and ID raids?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 March 2022 6:28 AM GMT
Why is KCR talking about Bodhan Incident, Kashmir Files and ID raids?
Why is KCR getting increasingly cagey about the BJP? Why is his whole focus on the BjP these days? Is he of the opinion that the BJP would be his main rival in the coming assembly elections whenever they are held? What explains his fixation with the BJP?

Of late, KCR has stopped talking about the Congress. The party is completely off his radar. His attack is more on the BJP. But, he is also fine-balancing the Hindutva factor while he is attacking the BJP. Political observers say that he wants both Muslim as well as Hindu votes. So, he is doing a tightrope walk.

He said there was no objection to the installation of the Shivaji statue in Bodhan. But at the same time, he said that there was no permission for the statue. “Secure permission first and then install the statue,” he said. KCR referring to a highly localised incident shows that he is feeling insecure about the statue. He also referred to the blockbuster film Kashmir Files in his press conference, which is quite unusual for KCR. He said we need Economic Files not Kashmir files, he said referring to the need for the Central funds.

At the same time, he referred to the ED and IT raids on firms working for the Kaleshwaram project. This is interesting as there are no allegations against the KCR government per se. The raids are mainly on the contractor firms. Why should KCR join the issue? Political watchers say all these point out to the alarm bells ringing in the TRS establishment by the IT raids. Though he struck a defiant note, it is clear that the BJP is occupying his mind space these days.