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Why is TRS worried by BJP's stunning victory in Gujarat?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Dec 2022 6:55 AM GMT
Why is TRS worried by BJPs stunning victory in Gujarat?
Know who is most worried by the stupendous victory of the BJP in Gujarat? No marks for guessing. It's the Telangana Rashtra Samithi aka BRS that is most worried. Telangana's ruling party leaders were reportedly huddled in stunned silence as the results began to pour in. The TRS/BRS leaders were stupefied by the way in which the BJP swept away the Opposition Congress and the fledgling AAP.

There are at least two reasons for the TRS party's worry. Firstly, now that the Gujarat and Himachal elections are over, the BJP national leadership will fully focus on Telangana. Its key leaders will tour the state incessantly and mobilise the cadre. The attack on the TRS would be further intensified. The BJP will now go whole hog about the 2023 assembly elections.

The second reason is that the party will now focus on the Delhi liquor scam. This would mean that there would be further targeting of Kavitha Kalwakuntla. Already the political circles are agog with the rumours that Kavitha would be arrested anytime after the Gujarat elections. The TRS feels that there would be more raids on the TRS money bags now.

TRS party sources say that the KCR would be forced to focus on the state and as a result, his plans for the national outreach would be limited and weak. The party would be now forced to go on the defensive. Sources say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Telangana thrice during the last one year and that there could be more visits in the future.