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Why Lawyers are Demanding for Jail Term of Producer?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Jun 2022 7:23 AM GMT
Why Lawyers are Demanding for Jail Term of Producer?
A spine-chilling flesh trade racket was busted in the United States by the concerned officials back in 2018. After the authorities grew suspicious of a couple, they nabbed them. The couple was arrested for staying in the country even though their visas expired. When they started digging deeper, the authorities found alleged links the couple has with fresh trading.

Four years after coming to light, the case saw a big development as the Federal prosecutors are fighting for the demand to send the accused couple Kishan Modugumudi and Chandra Modugumudi to jail for no less than 34 years for their involvement in the racket.

The couple has their roots from Telugu land and later migrated to the land of opportunities, America. Husband Kishan Modugumudi is believed to have been involved in the production and even bankrolled a couple of small to medium range ventures.

The couple is accused of running a sex racket which was busted in 2018. The husband and wife reportedly accepted their role in the racket and pleaded guilty. At the time of arrest, the couple said they were not guilty. As the investigation progressed, the officials gathered information, and with no option left they pleaded guilty, reports said.

The sex racket busted in Chicago had sent shocking waves and the film events in the United States went through a lot of scrutinies to get permission. Heroines and actors who were roped in to perform on stage faced even more issues. A few heroines faced the same back then and they had to cancel their trips.

The couple used to operate the racket in a way that they lure the upcoming actors and young women on the pretext of offering good work in the United States. Given the high income they get there, the women used to go there.

After reaching there, the victims had to hear what the couple say as they would be left with no other option. Those who would land in the United States carrying many hopes and aspirations would go into the deadly claws of the couple. The prosecutors are demanding the jail period of the couple based on the statements recorded by the victims.