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Why Nagari Jana Sena leaders love to slam Roja?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Sep 2022 10:40 AM GMT
Why Nagari Jana Sena leaders love to slam Roja?
Why are Jana Sena's small-time leaders so active in Nagari assembly constituency? While there are may who criticise Pawan Kalyan in the YSRCP, but only Roja seems to get a lot of attention. Whenever she makes a statement against Pawan Kalyan, several Jana Sena leaders raise their voice, gherao her house and challenge her for a debate.

Now the political watchers have found out the reason for this strong reaction from Jana Sena fans. They say that whenever Roja criticises Pawan Kalyan, she gets lot of media attention. The coverage she gets is definitely more than the attention that other leaders get.

For instance, the other day, she slammed Pawan Kalyan and dared him to contest and win as at least a councillor or sarpanch. She said that Pawan should attack Jagan only after winning some election. This got lot of media coverage.

This was enough for Jana Sena leaders of Nagari to gherao her house. They said they were ready to enter into a debate with her. They gave advance intimation to the media about their protest at Roja's house. They do not make such hullabaloo if other leaders make similar allegations against Pawan Kalyan. But, they all descend on her house at the slightest criticism.

The reason why Roja attracts so much attention is that she gets lot of media coverage and those criticising her too will get equal amount of media coverage. This, they feel is a sure-fire way to catch the attention of Pawan Kalyan. To catch his attention, they target Roja, leaving other YSRCP leaders.

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