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Why Sonia Gandhi still has a soft spot for DS?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 Dec 2021 5:06 AM GMT
Why Sonia Gandhi still has a soft spot for DS?
Now it is emerging that despite his ditching the Congress at the most opportune time, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi has a special affection for Rajya Sabha member D Srinivas. For Sonia Gandhi, Dharmapuri Srinivas was the to-go man for all things relating to undivided Andhra Pradesh. He was twice the PCC chief and twice a cabinet minister. He knew the state like the palm of his hands. Hence, sources say that Sonia Gandhi has a special affection for DS.

Even after DS joined the TRS and his son became a BJP MP, Sonia Gandhi's sympathy towards DS is said to be still intact. Hence, she readily gave him an appointment despite her frail health. Now she is said to be all for his rejoining of the Congress Party. Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy too has personally invited DS into the party.

However, sources say that Rahul Gandhi, who is all for the infusion of young blood into the Congress, is said to be opposed to the entry of DS. He is believed to have said that there should be no entry for those who have ditched the party.

Another factor weighing against DS is the fact that his son Aravind Dharmapuri is a BJP MP. The Congress and the TRS firmly believe that but for Ds's tactics and support, Aravind would not have won from the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat. Several Congress leaders are opposed to the re-entry of DS into the Congress Party. But, DS is confident that Sonia Gandhi's affection for him will override all this opposition and would pave the way for his re-entry into the Congress.