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Will T government effect a pay cut for employees?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 May 2022 5:56 AM GMT
Will T government effect a pay cut for employees?
Is the Telangana government planning to cut down on the salaries of the government employees? Is a final decision on this possible soon? Will chief minister KCR take a decision on this after his proposed meeting with the top officials of the government departments? The secretariat is now agog with rumours that there could be a pay cut from June.

According to sources, KCR is left with no option but to go in for a pay cut in view of the dire financial situation in the state. With the government diverting most of its revenues for the implementation of the welfare schemes, the state is cash strapped. Due to the Central Government's strict rules, it is unable to secure additional loans to pay the salaries of the employees.

During the Corona season, the State Government paid the salaries of the government employees in installments. Teachers in several districts used to get their salaries of the previous month during the last days of the next month. However, the state government then blamed this on the Covid lockdown and lack of revenue generation.

But, now the state is finding itself in a tough position and is unable to pool up resources. Most of the revenues are spent on welfare schemes. On the other hand, the Centre has imposed strict rules and conditions for raising loans from various sources. The CM is now said to be planning to hold a review meeting on the issue and then take a final decision about effecting a cut in the pay for the government employees.