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Will the Govt employees get their salaries on Telangana formation day?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Jun 2022 4:53 AM GMT
Will the Govt employees get their salaries on Telangana formation day?
The rulers promised a Bangaru Telangana once it became free of Andhra Pradesh. But, on the ninth formation day of Telangana, June 2, will the government employees of Telangana get their salaries? Will the pensioners across Telangana find pensions deposited into their accounts? This is the question that is tormenting the countless government employees of Telangana.

Well. This is not the first time that the state government has delayed salaries. The salaries of the employees are getting delayed for the past several months. The salaries are paid in installments and sometimes, every day of a month is a pay day as some employee in some district was paid on that day. This is the plight of a supposedly rich state like Telangana.

Unlike earlier, the State Government is unable to borrow from various sources due to the restrictions imposed by the Central Government. The Centre has decided to bring in financial discipline among the states and has put curbs on the state government's borrowing. The states have to secure permission from the Centre to procure additional loans.

As a result, the state government is unable to borrow. The officials of the state government are moving heaven and earth in New Delhi to secure permission to get additional loans. However, the Centre is adopting a strict attitude and is asking the state to bring in fiscal economy measures. The State is now faced with the prospect of paying Rs 20000 crore this month - both towards the salaries and also towards the Rythu Bandhu installment. The officials hope that some solution would be found so that the employees get their salaries on time in Telangana.