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Women Started Taking More Alcohol Since Covid: Survey!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Nov 2022 10:49 AM GMT
Women Started Taking More Alcohol Since Covid: Survey!
The deadly crisis the world has ever faced in recent times Covid is over and we are slowly coming to terms with the post-Covid era. Though the pandemic is over the effects continue to impact the patients. We are hearing stories of Covid survivors suffering from breathing issues and lung problems.

Now a recent survey said that women are taking more liquor post the Covid. Since the start of the pandemic women are taking more liquor intake due to various reasons like stress and others. A few women are also taking alcohol casually.

An NGO which goes by the name of Community against Drunken Driving (CADD) conducted a survey in the national capital Delhi on the liquor habits among women and found some shocking data. More than 5,000 women took part in the survey.

Citing a few reasons around 37 percent of women said that their alcohol consumption increased in the last three years while 45 percent of the participants said they are taking more alcohol due to stress.

A few women also said that they are taking more alcohol to beat the stress and enjoy the time that was lost due to Covid. It is known that the liquor stalls and the bars were shut most of the time since 2020 due to the Covid impact.

"42.3 per cent women considered their increase more sporadic and occasion-based. Respondents also agreed that many were also trying to make up for lost time," the NGO said about the survey on drinking habits in women.