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Viral: Young Couple Caught Kissing In Metro!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Dec 2019 5:58 AM GMT
Viral: Young Couple Caught Kissing In Metro!
A Young Couple expressed love towards each other by locking lips without bothering about where they were and what's happening around them. This incident which happened in the Delhi Metro drew the attention of entire nation due to the video in circulation.

A Co-Passenger who captured the passionate act of the Young Couple sought stringent action against them for causing severe inconvenience to others by kissing publicly. Reacting to the same, Delhi Metro Officials assured appropriate action against the couple for public display of affection.

Netizens were divided into two section on this matter. There are people who questioned what's wrong did the haters find in the expression of love by an Young Couple. In fact, They even sought action against those who capture such videos and make an hue n cry over it.