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YS Sharmila Makes Explosive Allegations On her Father's Death!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 Sep 2022 8:05 AM GMT
YS Sharmila Makes Explosive Allegations On her Fathers Death!
YS Sharmila, the daughter of the former Chief Minister YSR is trying her luck in Telangana. She has been painting herself as the daughter-in-law of the state. She recently completed a big milestone of finishing two thousand kilometers in the yatra. Sadly, the milestone is not helping her increase his political mileage.

Sadly, more than the yatra, her fight with the ruling party leaders is bringing her the mileage. A few leaders of the ruling TRS complained to the Assembly Speaker against Sharmila. Experts said that the legislators complaining about Sharmila can be seen as her growth in politics.

Now Sharmila raised many eyebrows with her explosive press meet. She attended the Vanaparti press meet with handcuffs and made some sensational comments about her late father. Her comments have increased the political heat at once.

Taking everyone by surprise, YSRTP chief YS Sharmila alleged that her father was killed with a conspiracy. Not just that, she even said that a conspiracy is being made against her and she's not going to fear the conspiracy. Terming herself as the daughter of YSR, Sharmila said she doesn't fear anything.

Sharmila launched an overall attack against the KCR government and dared the ruling party to arrest her if they could. To date them, she came with handcuffs as per the political observers.

Sharmila breathed fire on Minister Niranjan Reddy and asked how can a Legislator use such kind of language and the cops did not take any action. Talking about the FIR filed against her, Sharmila asked why no FIR was filed against the Minister when she complained, but an FIR was filed against her when the Minister complained.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with the cops, Sharmila asked if the cops are working only for the ruling party. Why no cases and FIR were filed when Niranjan Reddy called me Mardalu? Is this the respect women get in the state she asked?

The supporters of the ruling TRS doubt that the explosive comments about the conspiracy to target her might have political aspirations as Sharmila wants to increase the political mileage she got with the complaint registered against her.