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When Country Is Dealing With War, Prez Appears on Magazine

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 July 2022 9:53 AM GMT
When Country Is Dealing With War, Prez Appears on Magazine
It is known that the European nation Ukraine is dealing with a big crisis. The superpower nation Russia waged a war against it and the intense war is underway. Despite, many nations suggesting Russia stop the war, it is not listening. The United Nations Assembly also objected to what Russia is doing now.

Since the war started, Ukraine is displaying its strong nature. Without any fear, the armed forces of the nation are giving a fitting response to the invading Russian forces. A few army vehicles owned by the superpower nation Russia were destroyed by the Ukrainian forces.

Now Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is facing severe heat from various corners after he and his wife Olena Zelenska appeared together on the cover page of Vogue magazine. The cover picture of the duo on the prestigious magazine went coral on social media.

Though the President and wife spoke about various issues including their personal life and how they are dealing with the ongoing crisis triggered by the war, the situation of the time and the pictures is not right and the pictures are creating a lot of buzz.

Without any doubt, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is giving his best in stopping the Russian forces. He showed the world how tough he can act when it comes to the interests of his country. People in and outside Ukraine hailed him as a strong leader.

But the pictures shot for Vogue were focused on President and his wife. The President's wife posed for a picture with war tanks and army men in the background. The majority of people who saw the pictures are unable to digest them.

It would have been good if vogue magazine would have focused more on the war-life. Instead, the pictures were focused on the couple. Adding fuel to this, President's wife Olena Zelenska expressed her happiness about being on the cover page of Vogue magazine.

"To be on the @voguemagazine cover is a great honor and dream of many successful and prominent people of the world. The only thing I wish for all of them is that it is not because of war in their countries," she said sharing the picture from the vogue shoot on her Instagram handle.