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5 Lakh Houses In Jagananna Colonies To Open Today!

We often see leaders making promises for the elections and forgetting them after coming to power.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 Oct 2023 6:32 AM GMT
5 Lakh Houses In Jagananna Colonies To Open Today!

We often see leaders making promises for the elections and forgetting them after coming to power. But this trend is not relevant now. The current trend is that assured promises are fulfilled and the promises that were not assured are also fulfilled. It will be not an exaggeration to say this is Jagan’s era. As an example of this, as many as 5 lakh houses are going to be started.

Everyone knows that CM Jagan’s idea is to see that everyone in the state should have a house of their own. He said this many times. He is not limited to making comments, but implementing them. Jagan came up with the idea to see that every sister in the state should live in their house with family. As part of this, plots worth Rs 76,000 crores were handed over to 30.75 lakh beneficiaries.

YS Jagan decided to construct 21.76 lakh houses for the poor in the state. The estimated house for this is around Rs 56,700 crores. This is a big sum for the state which is said to be in financial trouble. But the trouble did not come in Jagan’s way who is adamant about going forward.

To give an example of Jagan’s style, he did not stop a single welfare scheme even during the COVID time. Constructing houses for the beneficiaries for such a strong leader is not a big task. The land acquisition for this happened for the Jagananna Colonies. The facilities like roads, water, drainage, electricity, parks, and others were arranged. The house construction started picking pace.

With this, the beneficiaries are constructing houses in the lands allotted to them with the government's help. At the least, the cost of a single house will be around Rs 15 lakhs. Many say that the lifestyle of the poor is changing with Jagan’s idea getting a clear picture. People without a house can live in their new houses with self-respect.

Collective House Warmings In Samarlakota:

The officials are constructing the houses at a war pace. The beneficiaries are extended all the possible support. They are providing bricks, cement, gravel, iron, doors, and windows to speed up the construction. 5.24 lakh houses were completed already which will be handed over today to the beneficiaries

As many as 2412 houses were finished in Samarlakota town and the beneficiaries will jointly enter into their houses. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will attend the ceremony.

The government provided all the required facilities for the beneficiaries like parks, water, drinking water, drainages, current, community halls, and others. Jagan will be a part of the happiness of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are also happy with the efforts of the Chief Minister.