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BJP’s 400 Seat Mark: Is It That Easy?

BJP wants to script history by winning a large number of seats.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 April 2024 12:22 PM GMT
BJP’s 400 Seat Mark: Is It That Easy?

The BJP pulled off a big win in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections followed by 2019. Now the party is eyeing the 2024 elections as it wants to make a third consecutive win. Not just win, BJP wants to script history by winning a large number of seats. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is saying the same.

BJP wants to win the third term with 400 seats which is mammoth. If we look at the history, no party has managed to win these many seats in recent times. The last time a party won 400 seats was in 1984. The grand old Congress party recorded the impossible stint back then.

But things were different earlier as Congress was very strong and the opposition were not in a position to pose a big fight. The same is not the case now and the opposition parties are determined to defeat the BJP and stop it from coming to power.

On the other hand, the BJP is facing issues like Manipur violence, electoral bonds, supporting Adani, and privatizing the sectors and entities. Ports and airports were given to private entities raising big concerns.

The opposition parties are alleging that the BJP is misusing the central agencies and unleashing them on the opponents. Adding fuel to this, the agencies are going only after the opposition leaders and there is a severe criticism that those who join the BJP will get protection from the cases and agencies.

If BJP has to get 400 seats in MP elections, then it should get seats not just from the north but from across the nation. It is a known fact that BJP is not strong in the southern states. It was in power in Karnataka and has some ground in Karnataka. It is not strong in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Considering all these points many say that winning 400 seats will not be that easy and it is a big task. The opposition parties are having issues too. But BJP is not in a position to win 400 seats, is what many say.