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Catholic Church Head Demands Ban On Surrogacy!

Every couple wants to have children. The issues faced in welcoming babies is a big concern.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Jan 2024 11:20 AM GMT
Catholic Church Head Demands Ban On Surrogacy!

Every couple wants to have children. The issues faced in welcoming babies is a big concern. Lifestyle changes and hereditary issues are the main reasons for this. As a boon to couples who cannot have kids on their own, the surrogacy procedure was started. With this couples can have kids without having to bear them.

However, there are a few objections to the process with a few questions raised on the way the procedure is followed. Now a big shootout came in question of surrogacy and a big demand to ban the process citing exploitation.

Pope Francis joined the list of opposers of Surrogacy. Addressing a gathering in the Vatican City, the Pope said that the process is not appreciable and needs to be ended soon. Pregnancy is a big threat to human dignity and a ban should be imposed on this at the earliest.

In his yearly address at the Vatican City, Pope Francis expressed severe concerns about the threats faced by humans and surrogacy is among them. He opined that pregnancy is being commercialized which is not good for society. Not just the mother but the children are also exploited and we should end the process he said.

Human dignity needs to be protected including the unborn child. But they are subjected to trafficking and strong measures are required. A global ban should be imposed on surrogacy to put an end to the surrogacy process he said.

Adding further the Pope said that surrogate motherhood appears to be despicable as the dignity of the woman and the child inside her are violated. He also made some strong comments and observed that depending on the needs of the mothers, they are exploited by the situations.

The Pope’s comments come at a time when a few nations are taking tough decisions on stealing with surrogacy. In India, there are no restrictions on surrogacy. But commercial surrogacy is banned which comes with a jail term and fine of Rs 10 lakhs.

With Pope making his stand clear on this a big debate is going on about the pros and cons of the industry. His comments might result in the West possibly coming up with big calls. Let us wait and see.